Frequently Asked Questions

Good Landlord Training

Q: Do I have to take the Good Landlord training?

A: No, but the savings is substantial.  Cities reduce their per unit fee for landlords who take an approved training class.  In Salt Lake City, they reduce the per unit fee from $342 per unit to $20 per unit.  This reduction alone makes economic sense to take the training.

Q:  Do I have to join the Apartment Association to be in the Good Landlord Program?

A:  No. You do not have to be a member of the UAA to get Good Landlord discounts. 

Service Animals

Q: I have a "no pet" policy.  Do I still have to allow service or companion animals in?

A:  Yes!  A service or companion animal is not a pet.  The ADA requires you to modify your "no pets" policy to allow the use of a service animal by a person with a disability. This does not mean that you have to abandon your "no pet" policy altogether but simply that you must make an exception to your general rule for service animals.


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Class Calendar

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